Velkommen til CGS Nordic

Vi er specialister indenfor farvestyring og kvalitetskontrol for den grafiske branche. Vi leverer løsninger til grafikere, designere, trykkerier, distriks-/dagblade og in-house marketing, samt brandowners.

CGS Publishing Technologies International er en af verdens førende producenter af profesionelle grafiske løsninger.

ORIS Press Matcher // WEB

Cross-Fleet Color Accuracy and Repeatability

                   One prerequisite, particularly in modern brand communication, is a consistent color reproduction irrespective of the printing process or the final product. In addition to conventional printing.

ORIS Color Tuner // WEB

Web-based Soft- and Hardcopy Proofing in one Package

      The world's first proofing system providing web-based soft proofing and hardcopy proofing in one package!

ORIS Certified // WEB
Simple and effective quality control for proofs, proofing systems, press sheets and color displays

                     ORIS Certified // Web is an effective and easy-to-use web-based color quality control system. CMYK color bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and other standards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof, press or monitor. In-house printing standards and customizable color bars can be added. 

ORIS CXF Toolbox
Global communication of brand
colors — consistently and effectively

            If brand color consistency is an important part of your business then you need to be able to utilize CxF files easily. Designers can immediately design in color accurate specifications, and when the proof reaches the printer you can rest assured that all the color data they need is properly contained in the file as well.

ORIS Professional Media
A class of its own!

                   No inkjet proofing system is complete – nor can it provide contract-proof quality – without the right media. Based on detailed feedback from major publishers, printers and industry-standard organizations, CGS has created the ORIS Professional Media family of contract proofing media specially formulated for the stringent needs of digital proofing.

ORIS Flex Pack // WEB
Finally: A Cost-effective Turnkey Solution for Flexible Packaging Proofing and Mock-Up Production.

Still using slow and expensive legacy systems for your packaging proofing needs? Then ORIS is your answer. Huge savings in consumables costs. And no dedicated operator required.

Optimize print quality and stability with just a few mouse clicks.

Colour management and stabilization for commercial printers, service bureaus and brand owners